Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 1. Neve Ativ to Gadot

The rain and hail continued into the morning, eventually at around 11.00 the window of opportunity opened,the mist lifted , revealing the Hulah Valley below and above the slopes of 'Old Man Hermon'.
With the obligatory photo-op next to the fake snowman at the entrance to the village behind us, we set out in a vague southerly direction, which I assumed must be the way to Eilat. What lies between me and that goal, at this stage, is largely an existential question.
This first day across the Golan was largely a matter of riding the roads, the only major off-road, was on a cinder track through the Odem Woods. Any other trails we tried, that are linked the Israel Bike Trail, were quite glutenous with mud.
All in all, a good start, with no major mishaps, and as we swept down from The Heights to the swollen Jordan River below in the valley, I felt the exhileration that more of this lay ahead for me and my spinming wheels.

Distance 64 kms
Duration 6 hours
Aggregate Climbing 557 metres
Max Climb Gradient 15%
Highest Elevation 1050 metres
Av temp 10C
0 Punctures
25% Off-road

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