Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 9: Arad to Neot Hakikar

> I am sure you must all be on tenterhooks about my shoes, well I am not revealing whether they were dry or not this morning. Suffice it to say I now believe newspaper is more effective than toilet paper.
> I have been joined by Eitan, a partner I've ridden many a kilometer with over the years, and hopefully he will continue with me to Eilat. Now I've dropped down to the Dead Sea, I actually feel the reality of my goal is nearer.
> The ride today was all I expected for this classic experience to below sea level. We had some mighty downhills in the still arid Judean Desert landscape, passing Beduin farms and trying not to alarm grazing camels.
> My only disappointment was that my navigational skills let me down (I could blame my GPS, but won't) and we missed the track that would have taken us down Ma'ale Azgad. We ended up on the Dimona road instead, and had the pleasure (sic) of waving to All The Lorries as we hurtled down to the Arava Junction. Still a valid riding experience.
> The 15 degree difference in temperature between Arad and Arava ensured my shoes had finally dried out.
> Ride Stats:
> Distance 62 kms
> Total 633 kms
> Duration 7 hours
> Agg climbs 682 metres
> Max Gradient 27% (not rideable)
> Total Height Loss 1000 metres
> Temp: 10C (Arad) 24C (Neot Hakikar)
> 0 punctures

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