Thursday, 26 February 2009

Day 12: Sadeh Boker to Mitspe Ramon

Today I was pleased that my birthday was behind me, I had survived the day (both physically and mentally), and there had been no sudden deterioration in my condition on passing this dreaded landmark.

Whilst riding,I remembered a book I read , 'Passages' : Predictable Crises in Adult Life. Now another passage to negotiate and perhaps the wheels were guiding me , the frame supporting me , along this rocky road.

On my 12th riding day, we took tracks and trails that run alongside the main highway between Sdeh Boker and Mitspe Ramon. This led us through scenes that might go unnoticed from your average tour bus. Beduin villages, Nabatean irrigation canals, a long deserted stretch of narrow asphalt that was once the only road leading south. It wound us over the Negev hills and will make an excellent bike path for the Israel Bike Trail in this area.

We ended in Mitspeh Ramon, on the lip of one of the most impressive geological features in the world, the Ramon Crater, and into which we shall descend tomorrow.

Ariye rejoined in Mitspeh, this time without his field kitchen, but with his recorder to serenade us on our way.

Ride Stats:
Distance 52kms
Total 752kms
Duration 6 hours
Agg Climbing 683metres
Max Gradient 8%
Av temp 22C
0 punctures

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