Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 2. Gadot to Kfar Tavor

A hard day in the saddle, but very satisfying to have crossed a major part of northern Israel. The countryside was at its best, and the rain must have encouraged an early blossoming of all the usual flowers, and the grass never looked greener. Many of the tracks had dried out so we were able to get in more off road riding.The climb up from the Arbel Valley afforded magnificent views of the Arbel Cliffs framing The Kinneret.
We encountered many a typical scene on our ride; a platoon of soldiers on a hike-exercise taking turns to carry a comrade on a stretcher; a couple from an Arab village picking herbs on the Galillee hillside who wanted to invite us in for a coffee; Thai workers in the fields who gave us friendly waves; and boistrous Israeli famillies making a break at a McDonalds , incongruously situated, next to a Golani Brigade war memorial.
We finished the ride at a smart new hostel/hotel for cyclists in Kfar Tavor. Everything the weary cyclist could need, not least a spray down for the bikes and a jacuzzi for the riders !

Distance 73 kms
Duration 8 hours
Aggregate Climbs 1025 metres
Max climb gradient 14 %
Highest Elevation 250 metres
Lowest Elevation minus 200 metres below sea level
Av Temp 22 C
0 punctures
Conditions: Warm and Sunny
50% off-road
Enjotment Factor : Good if you enjoy climbing.

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