Saturday, 14 February 2009

Day 3. Kfar Tavor to Habonim

We said farewell to the luxurious cyclysts house in Kfar Tavor, and climbed into the Bet Keshet woods below Mount Tabor. Like yesterday, the area was awash with blooming flowers, and we pedalled full of the delights of spring. The fact that the route then took us through the municipal rubbish dump of Daburia, did not dampen our spirits. Anyone travelling the back-trails of Israel soon notices that the unregulated disposal of wastes is a major problem.

We are doing this trek unsupported, that means we take all our stuff and belongings on us or the bikes , are independent, and have no vehicular back-up. This, of course, adds to the challenge (and difficulties) of the project ! However, on this day we relaxed our regime, as we were relatively close to our homes and arranged for our back-packs to be picked up. We could now complete the latter half of the ride without the burden of 5kg on the back (in my partners case, at least twice that, as he insisted in carrying half a field-kitchen !) Many thanks to Dekel who greeted me at Mishmar Haemek with some sandwiches and a flask of coffee, such a welcome sight.

The day finished we some superb riding over Ramat Menashe, which will prove to the jewel in the Israel Bike Trail's route, if one closes ones eyes, to Highway 6, which now cuts cruelly through the area. I was met at the gas station near Habonim, by Amy and Yvonne, which was very much appreciated.

Distance 80kms, Total Distance 237 kms, Duration 8 hours, Aggregate climbing 944 metres, Max Gradient 15%, Av Temp 22C, Off road 75%, 0 punctures.

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