Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Day 11: Hazeva to Sadeh Boker

Today we got serious ! It was a ride I shall remember for a long time, and not only for the fact that it was my birthday.

We are now riding in full desert mode. This requires that we carry enough water, food, and energy supplies for the duration of the ride. Before setting out, we make sure the bikes are in good working order and we have all the usual spares and tools. There is no room for error in The Wilderness of Zin. You and your bike are alone, far from any help or from a local MacDonalds.

The riding took us on a road up from The Arava and down into The Zin Valley. We had as company the IAF who use an area nearby for target practice. F-16's were buzzing us, some letting off anti-aircraft flares; if this did nothing else , it spurred us on to reach the areas of solitude.

This goal was delayed by us having first off all to by-pass The Zin Industrial Plant and the monster tractors that prowl around there. Eventually we emerged into the unspoilt wilderness and were pushing up the dried out valley. It was kilometre after kilometre on gravel and rocks, some of it as we say in the business, quite technical.

It was tiring and draining in the heat, and our water supplies were running low. However we eventually climbed to Sdeh Boker, on a serpentine road, and finished next to Ben Gurion's grave. Quite fitting I thought for my birthday ride.

Many thanks to Miranda and Hagai who appeared in the evening with some beers and a celebratory pizza.

This is where I was meant to be on this day, but the story continues.

Ride Stats:
Distance 67kms
Total 700kms
Duration 7.5 hours
Agg Climbs 873 metres
Max Gradient 13%
Av Temp 28C
Punctures 0 (shhh....)

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